HKIM Power Talk 7 - Facebook Live!

HKIM 與你網上互動! 香港市務學會將首次舉行網上直播! 期待已久的資深股壇人胡孟青女士將會在2月25日現身在HKIM Facebook 與大家分享[逆境中的投資技巧和策略!] 想與青姐即時互動的朋友,一定要準時收看2020 HKIM POWERTALK 「金鼠年投資策略展望]呀! 提醒大家,為感謝各會員一直鼎力支持,HKIM今次Facebook Live亦將可計算CPD時數,敬請留意玩法,一於約定大家準時2月25日網上見!
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Heart Warming Regards from HKIM

Dear Brothers & Sisters The coronavirus has hit many sectors of industry including quite a few of our members' businesses. Marketers of all fronts be united and let us stay resolute and we shall overcome, as there is silverlining behind every dark cloud. 世無不停的雨☔ 總會有天放晴☀

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